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Klagenfurt, Karnten, Austria


Well…where to start…

I started with PS3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and from that on I got every CoD that came up. Black Op2 and Ghost were the last CoD`s on my PS3. After that I switched to Xbox One and startet to play Black Ops 3. Besides of some R6S (Rainbow Six Siege) I didn`t play any shooters on the Xbox anymore.

That was the point where I got interessted in a gaming pc. So I took some money and a helping hand of my working colleague and well…here I am.

First game I got was  Tom Clancy`s: Wildlands where I had many funny hours of gamingexperience. It was clear for me that I would`t switch to a console ever again.

After that I started to play Bo4 and I got quite good it. After a while I met some other good fellas and we teamed up, what got me in the UG clan, The Unleashed Gaming clan. We did very good, I gained more and more skill and soon I got better and faster than my colleagues.

But…sadly the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pulled most of them away, aswell as a big part of the Bo4 community. So…lonely playing my favourite game, I met Iena, dub and Xain. Since we all are skilled players, we teamed up.

And now? Yesterday, 06. March of 2020 Iena ivited me to be member of HSq. So here I am, and proud to be part of this.

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