The end of ClanBase


December 21, 2013 has stopped beating the heart of ClanBase, a reference point for the ladder of the Golden Years of Online Gaming in which the Hit Squad have repeatedly participated between 2001-2004.
These are the last lines by the ClanBase team:

It is thus our sad duty to inform you that ClanBase is gone. We would like to sincerely thank over a thousand admins working on the website over the past 15 years of ClanBase’s existence. And an even bigger thanks goes out to all the players who supported us over the years and who did not lose faith no matter what.

This writing has not come easily because ClanBase has been a big part of our lives, and we definitely did not want to see it end like this.

Thank you,


You can read the whole story here.

Bye Bye ClanBase from HSq Team


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