How to watch everybody’s gameplay in Black Ops 3


So many times we need to watch and check someone’s gameplay but we can’t because the player is not in the recent players, or is not in our friend’s list. The only thing that can be done is to manually scroll the leader boards and try to find the player we want to check, but is a very hard work and probably we will not be able to find the player.
My method is as follows using the “search player” function built in the game.


  • Go into Theatre
  • Select “Social” in the bottom right
  • Groups (Teams)
  • Find/Create
  • Search Players
  • Input the exact name that the player has on Steam and search for him
  • Once you’ve found the player click on his name
  • Select his recent games and then this will load in the Theatre

Enjoy the show and check everyone!

This method accepts only characters that the game accepts, so if someone has non-standard characters in player’s name (like color code ^2 ) you are not able to find him.


I wrote this guide in Steam some months ago, i think that may be useful to have it here too and if you like it please vote for it on Steam Guides