HSq Clan

History of the Clan

The beginning

The history of the HSq clan begins in November 1999 thanks to IENA, Dr. Lecter and Cattivik.

The desire to play online was born many years before the phrase “play online” was the norm, back then it had no meaning, for at that time, connections were made through 9,800 / 14,400 bps modems. But the desire to play against someone who was not “just” a computer, but a real opponent was so high that we would not stop in front of these technical limitations, because it was something new and shocking compared to what we had experienced in previous years playing on Commodore 64, the Nintendo, the Sega Master System and all other consoles up to the Amiga.
The way to play was changing radically and it was really fascinating to be a part of this change.

The solution was LAN (1996)

Armed with patience and rudimentary notions of networked PCs, IENA and Dobermann (aka Rome) organized the Dobermann room to become their evening “LAN party” connecting the room to the apartment of Malignus a few floors up with long cables that dangled from the windows. Those were the days of Duke Nukem 3D (1996) and it was beautiful. There was myself (IENA), Roma, Malignus, Spacefleet and later Cattivik. After Duke Nukem 3D, our game became Outlaws (1997), an FPS Spaghetti / Western from Lucas Arts that amused us for many months, until one day came a revolutionary game, QUAKE. Dobermann and Malignus made the DoG clan. The QUAKE phenomenon did not like those who would later become The Hit Squad, they remained dormant until 1999 when a new event came to split in two the minds of gamers, (a bit like what happened for Beatles and the Rolling Stones fans, divided by tastes but united by the passion for rock) UNREAL TOURNAMENT 99 reached the shop shelves.

Unreal Tournament: The Birth of HSq Clan (1999)

Dr. Lecter started playing the Unreal Tournament demo and insisted Cattivik and I test it with him. One day we decided to satisfy him and it was the beginning of everything. Unreal Tournament became our game, LAN days at Dobermann’s house were finished, we could afford the “fast line” of that time, the ISDN (it was a semiflat called Libero@Sogno and began in flat from 18:00 until 8:00 in the morning and all day Saturday and Sunday) and we were not forced to move the PC every night. We spent our evenings on GiB and NGI servers, the two leading exponents of Italian netgaming at that time. After a brief militancy in the clan Giurene .g]R[e. we decided it wasn’t our ideal Clan and so in the winter between 1999 and 2000 the Hit Squad was born, thanks to Iena, Dr. Lecter and Cattivik. But the latter left us almost immediately. Followed were many enlistments, people liked our clan, liked the climate of “friendship” that was created mainly thanks to the fact that we were among the first clans to speak in game using “Gamevoice” and “Roger Wilco” two of the oldest voice chat programs for gamers and that just helped to establish a less cold relationship between each other, and soon we became quite numerous. Perhaps thanks to this most gatherings are from this period, divided between Rome (the city of IENA) and San Benedetto del Tronto (dub’s house). You can find all the reports of our meetings in the “photos” section.

Da sx: Cipollino, Gighen, Lecter, dub, IENA, Neo, Snowboarder, Gonzash - Settembre 2001

The clan went on between the first defeats took on Clanbase and internal tournaments organized by Dr. Lecter to grow the skill of our players and the friendly wars against UTeam made by Steel and ZioPino, the dutch TFC, the small Blaster and the clan wars against *|`][`A*. From these clans later we took players like Tracca and Spectre (coming from ncf), Apalom, Draco,  Gighen and Bimbomix (coming from *|`][`A*  The Invincible Trooper of Apocalypse), my great friend dub (from the english clan LFC) and the legendary Plunderstorm (coming from the <{B}> Blaster). The results start showing up on Clanbase and the red dots of our defeats began to turn green for the victories that followed. For those wishing to consult the list of Unreal Tournament clan wars can be found at this link.

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Sets our style (2002)

2002 was a very important year for how it changed our clan and how a new title would definitely laid the foundations for our future style of playing that with Unreal Tournament could never come out.
It was November 20, 2002, me and Snowboarder  decided to try the multiplayer demo of a game that was about to hit the store shelves, but many players of Quake and UT had rejected even befor playing it.
In this way began our adventure on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, casually, but we found in our monitor one of the best games of all the time, in my opinion even the developers didn’t understood the potential of what they created … Obviously this genre was totally different, instead of the chaotic and fast arenas of UT, this game was tactical, made of sounds of opening doors and creaking beams, so many were “frightened” of the lack of 100 frags per game, a mode that when you diee you have to wait for the next round to play again (round Based), a game made of simple weapons that kill you with one shot (mod Realism CKR) and the fact that to play well you do not necessarily had to do many frags alone, but help team and play as a team. This new game style didn’t pleased many of us (they wanted UT) and so HSq reborn with new players ready for this new adventure on MoH:AA.

Even Dr. Lecter was lost in the transition from Unreal Tournament to Medal of Honor and he left the leadership and later the clan. On MoH:AA we did our best, we have developed a type of game that many have envied and many others have simply admired and copied. On MoH:AA we participated in the ClanBase MoH:AA RoundBased ladder winning 11 of 14 clan wars and getting the third position (since the BN-BN on the first position never accepted our challenge that, if victorious, would take us to first place and believe me we would have beaten them without much effort as admitted years later my friend Arioch, the most important member of the BN-BN).
We attended the Gamesnet Clancup, the first CMohL (Community MoH:AA League) where we reached second place and going to Premiership for the next season, the German ESL to keep trained and Lan Area 51 held in Florence at Area 51 on April 13, 2003. Four of our players were in the first 4 places in the world rankings CSports of the best players of Medal of Honor. We have also contributed in collaboration with Cash of DMW clan to the birth of what was the best anticheat for MoH:AA the DMW Scanner, the graphics of the splash screen of DMW2 had been created by me (dmw2_splash.jpg).
You can find the Clan Wars database of MoH: AA at this link, and a number of significant game screenshots in this gallery.