HSq vs. DAE – Clanbase UT TDM Eu August 1, 2001, 9:00 pm


HSq Clan


Dolor Aeternus Eternus

Match description

Gioco: Unreal Tournament
Lega:Clanbase UT TDM Europe
Avversario: Dolor Aeternus Eternus
HSq Team:IENA, PlunderStorm, lecter, Tracca
DAE Team:Crawl, Auox, Damien, Ecu


Bella vittoria contro questo clan che non si è comportato male.
Gli HSq risalgono di qualche gradino la classifica.


  • Curse ][Curse ][
  • Stalwart XLStalwart XL


  • Ago 1, 2001 @ 23:30 pm

    Finally a nice CW with a good and nice clan!!
    We really enjoyed ourselves with cool people who hate camping and laming!!
    Very good, Guys I hope we’ll meet again soon, even in unofficial CWs!!
    Well, u have the IP to our server and our ICQ UINs!!!

    U can even teach me a bit of Swedish! 😛



  • -=DAE=-Damien

    Ago 2, 2001 @ 22:00 pm

    I totally agree with u guys …a nice and fun war even though we lost it 🙂
    We DAE guys are just like u describe us..we dont like camping…we love total mayhem….lol.
    We play for fun but of course…we would love to win a war sometime…our 8th loss in a row now…and still no official victory yet..hehe.

    Anyway..enough of my boring selfpitty.HSq are a very nice clan and we had a lot of fun playing against ya all.Good players that gave us a hard game… nice playing HSq 🙂
    Hope we can get a rematch someday and kick your butts like u kicked ours today 🙂 🙂

    Cya all and thx for a GG!!