HSq – The Hit Squad

Black Ops 3 Clan

[HSq] is a group of friends that share the passion for online games and that since 1999
is active on the servers of the most important FPS games such as
Unreal Tournament 99, MoH:AA, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 3, Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare

Our site is like a kind of time capsule that since 1999 preserves  our history, the clan wars database,  the most significant photos of our meetings, the profile of the many members that throughout the years have joined us, and the forum  where there is always someone ready to lend a hand if you have any problems.
We’ve had many gaming experiences, since 56k connections until today we have faced many different types of FPS, and in each one we used tactics, technique and passion that has always distinguished us from the crowd. We have seen the Internet born, grow, change, charm us and betray us, and we are still here ready for new challenges and to have fun all together like when it all began. We have always spoken out against all forms of cheating by directly participating in the creation of the DMW Scanner and using a “zero tolerance” policy on our servers through the use of the most effective anticheat systems in combination with the Master Ban List (list of Punkbuster ban updated automatically and in real time).

We are always looking for new talent and if you feel ready for a serious clan (but not too much) do not hesitate to  contact us.

The requirements to enter HSq are:

  • no involvement in cheating or ban (we never had a banned player in our history)
  • experience in most important fps games
  • aged over 18
  • decent connection and a bit of time to devote to the clan especially in the evenings